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The best spring birding trip in Korea

: 2021 Special Spring Island Trip in the Yellow Sea (4 Days in Socheong & Baekryeong

  • Venue: Socheong island ~ Baekryeong island
  • Date: April 26~29 2021
  • Number of attendees: 6~8 people
  • Participation fee: US$410 (450,000 won)
  • Departure point in Seoul: Samgakji station
  • Birdwatching level: middle






1st Day


Incheon ferry terminal -> Socheong island (6:30 AM at Samgakji station)


Westside of  Socheong island

2nd Day


Eastside of  Socheong island


Socheong island -> Baekryeong island

Eastside of Baekryeong island

3rd Day


Westside of Baekryeong island


Center and Southwest side of Baekryeong island

4th Day


Southeast side of Baekryeong island


Baekryeong island -> Incheon ferry terminal


Target Birds

  • Migratory Passerines
  • Raptors
  • Shorebirds
  • Spoonbills/Egrets


Register! Click below! (deadline: April 20)



  • Included: Local guide, accommodation, transportation,
  • If you transfer fees within 24 hours after submitting the registration form, your application will be confirmed..
  • Account : Hana Bank 174-890024-90204 
  • PayPal :  birding.kr@gmail.com
  • Accommodation is divided into males and females, so 2-4 people share a room.
  • The itinerary may be canceled or changed depending on the weather and local conditions.
  • Travel may be canceled or postponed depending on the COVID-19 situation.
  • Access to and from the island is greatly affected by the weather. The weather may prevent you from entering or leaving the island on time. Please plan your trip with that in mind If additional accommodation is required, the actual cost will be added on site.
  • Please purchase travel insurance separately in advance.




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