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Siberian Cranes with red-crowned cranes and white-napped cranes

Yeoncheon January 2018

The most fantastic birding in East Asia


Crane tour in Cheorwon

Just take 2 hours from Seoul to Cherowon!

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Please join!!



1+1 = DMZ tour + Birding tour 

in Han River Estuary Seoul-Paju(Imjingak)-Seoul

10% off by March of 2018


Enjoy Birding during Pyeongchang Olympic

When Olympic is held in Pyeongchang, it's the best birding season in South Korea.

You can enjoy both of Olympic games and birding.

1. Crane tour in Cheorwon

2. Birding tour in East coast

Please see in detail.

-> http://www.birdingkorea.com/category/Guided%20Birding

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