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Standard Terms and Conditions


The Guides are all English speaking bird-watching Koreans, so there should be no language problem with English speaking clients and with the residents. We can also provide interpreter for non–English-speaking clients.


These require a booking form and a deposit which is non-refundable. A booking form is accepted and acceptance becomes definite only from the date that we have confirmed acceptance in writing(usually e-mail). All contracts and matters arising from it are subject to Korean law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Korean courts. We reserve the absolute right to decline any bookings for any legal reasons whatsoever, at our sole discretion.


Payment of the balance of the tour cost is due not later than 4 weeks before the departure date. No further reminder will be sent and, if payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and charge a cancellation fee, the amount of which will be same as deposit. 


Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable. Deposits are transferable to another specified tour but are subject to deductions for any expenses incurred by us. Balance payments are also non-refundable except at our sole discretion, but are transferable in accordance with Transfer of Bookings.

Tour Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel any tour for which there are insufficient reservations not less than 4 weeks before the departure date. In the event of us cancelling, all deposits, insurance and other payments made to us will be refunded in full.

Cost Increases

These may occur unexpectedly. When calculating our tour prices in advance, we try to anticipate the rising costs of ground transportation and accommodation. Price changes may also occur because of fluctuating exchange rates. If unexpected cost rises do occur, we may have to increase the tour cost. If it is necessary to increase the tour cost, you will be notified not less than 4 weeks before the departure date with an explanation of the amount. Should it be necessary to increase the tour cost by more than 10%, participants may withdraw without penalty. Tour cost rises of up to 2% will be absorbed within the original stated price. 


The tour price includes all travel, accommodation and meals as specified in the itinerary of each individual tour and the services of the tour leader(s) throughout. The following items are not included in the cost: air fare, travel insurance, passport and visa costs, vaccinations and medication, excess baggage charges, telephone calls, laundry, drinks and food (unless specified in the tour details), tips and items of a purely personal nature. 


International airfare and country airport departure taxes therein, optional side trips not in the itinerary, visa costs, personal expenses, medical expenses, alcoholic drinks.


A comprehensive travel insurance is strongly recommended to be taken by our clients from their country of origin which should at least cover accident, medical expense, repatriation, and loss of effects. All expenses in this regard shall be for the client’s account. 


Accommodation will be in medium-standard hotels/motels or Korean-style-ondol pension, often with private facilities and TV, unless specified in the tour details. Single rooms are normally available at extra cost. 

Restrictions on Participation

Our tours do not normally entail excessively strenuous activity but, if this cannot be avoided, it will be made clear in the tour details. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate walks of several miles a day, sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces, to meet the schedule of the tour. If you have any health problems or physical limitations, you are required to advise us prior to booking. To cater for the needs of all levels of birdwatcher, our tours sometimes involve long days in the field and travelling long distances. 

Your cooperation in not participating in any antisocial behaviour is therefore expected and we reserve the right to send home, at their own expense, any person who will not conduct themselves in an acceptable manner at the leader’s sole discretion.

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8th Asian Bird Fair – Ulsan 

The 8th Asian Bird Fair is coming this November 2017! 

Ulsan is located in south east area of Korea.

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Contact Information

e-mail : birding.kr@gmail.com

Phone : 82-70-4106-8411

facebook : www.facebook.com/birding.korea

Instagram : www.instagram.com/birding.korea

Adress : #522 Changang B/D 86, Mapodae-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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South Korea gets its first birdwatching tourism organization  (0) 2017.07.04

South Korea gets its first birdwatching tourism organization


Entrepreneur hopes that tours to habitats will increase awareness and appreciation for migratory birds 

Lee Byeong-woo, 44, president of Eco Bird Tour, was talking in a van that left Seoul, on the morning of Sep. 12 for the mudflats of Gangwha Island. “This is not some kind of zoo where the animals are waiting for the people. There might be birds, and there might not be birds,” Lee said.

Eco Bird Tour is South Korea’s first ecological tourism organization that specializes in birdwatching. Five South Korean men and women in their 20s and one Canadian in his 40s joined the tour. In order to avoid disturbing the birds, all of the people on the tour wore dark clothing instead of the flashy outdoor wear often seen in South Korea.

A little more than an hour later, the van reached the mudflats near Hwangsan Island Fish Market, located in Ganghwa Island. A Far Eastern curlew was dipping its long beak into the holes used by crabs as it enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

After moving to Bunori Heights, next to Dongmak Beach, the birdwatchers spotted two or three black-faced spoonbills which were still left on a deserted island nearby where they had summered.

At Heungwang Reservoir and the mudflats used for clam-digging at Yeocha No. 1 Village, several hundred common greenshanks, Terek sandpipers and black-tailed gulls were relaxing on the sands and catching some early autumn sun as they craned their necks to preen their feathers with their beaks.

As the tourists met eyes with the birds through 50-power binoculars, they expressed their surprise.

“The longbill eyes are so bright!” “It feels like we’re watching a nature documentary.” “I thought it was a white piece of Styrofoam, but it was a bird!”

When the rising tide covered the mudflats in the afternoon, hundreds of squawking longbills rose up into the air together. Throughout the birdwatching trip, Lee explained the birds’ habits and calls.

“There aren’t any decent experience programs for adults other than department stores and culture centers, so it was great to get out of the city and see the birds,” said Min Dong-mi, 27, a company employee.

Jim Corbett, 47, an English teacher from Canada, has memorized the names of many Korean birds. “In Canada, we have a festival for the tundra swan. I know a little about birds, which makes this kind of trip fun.”

Lee, who worked for 16 years in an internet technology company, became the first president of Haho, an animal welfare group composed of members of the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, even while he was working for the company. (Haho is an abbreviation of a Korean abbreviation meaning “from flying squirrels to tigers.”)

After receiving first prize in a creative tourism contest organized by the Korea Tourism Organization last year, Lee received a 30 million won entrepreneurship grant that he used to start his own birdwatching travel agency this past January.

Lee thinks of birds as a natural resource. “The west coast of Korea is a waypoint where birds rest as they are migrating from Australia to Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. While the Korean Peninsula only accounts for 0.1% of the world’s area, you can see 500 kinds of birds here, or 5% of the bird species that exist in the world. You don’t know how powerful it is to lock eyes with a bird through the binoculars until you’ve tried it,” he said.

When people lock eyes with a bird, Lee says, “They become interested in the issues of development and an environment that birds can live in.”

By Choi Woo-ri, staff reporter

Please direct questions or comments to [english@hani.co.kr]

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Guided Birding Tour in 2016

Birding and Business in Metropolitan Seoul

March 2016 Jeff Hopkins


Birding in Upper middle level of Han River 

March 2016, Kevin McKereghan

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Guided Birding Tours in Korea

Korea is a blessed country. You can see more than 500 kinds of birds.

We offer meaningful guided birding trips with experienced guides and local birders.

Birding Korea is aiming for the experience of nature, emotion of nature and quietude of nature.

  • These guided birding trips start and end in Seoul.
  • This trip is available on demand
  • An experienced leader will guide and drive his or her car.
  • Deposit : US$100
  • Group size : 1~5
Included in the cost :  Accommodation(twin room or Korean-style floor-heating room), all meals including picnic lunches, bottled water, transportation, all park entrance fees, and the services of local guides and leaders. 

Not included : International airfare, insurance, visa fees, departure tax, excess luggage charges, drinks, tips, and items of a personal nature.

How to book a tour
  1. Tell us where and when you would like to go.
  2. We will check the availability of guides, accommodation, and transportation and inform you of availability and prices.
  3. Payment is by paypal. Paypal account : birding.kr@gmail.com
  4. Tour deposit reserve of guides, accommodations and transportation.
  5. The guide will contact you to arrange a time and place to meet.
  6. The trip will be confirmed when full payment is received.

The recommended places for birding



What Kinds of birds

Best season

days from Seoul



Spoonbills, Shorebirds, Geese, Cranes



Upper Han River

Scaly-sided Merganser,

Steller's Sea Eagle, Hooper Swan



Han River Estuary

Spoonbills, Geese, Cranes



Remote Island in Yellow Sea

Raptors, Thrushes, Finches, Warblers




Spoonbills, Shore birds, Geese,





CranesVulture, Sea Eagles, Raptors, Geese



East Sea Coast

Auks, Ducks, Swans, Sea Eagles, Shorebirds




Cheonsu Bay

Oriental Stork, Cranes, Raptors, Ducks, Geese



Oeyeon Island

Raptors, Thrushes, Finches, Warblers



Yubu Island

Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Shorebirds





Upo Wetland

Swans, Ducks, Raptors, Eurasian Spoonbill



Nakdong River Estuary

Swans, Ducks, Raptors, Gulls




Eocheong Island

Pipits, Wabalers, Robins, Thrushes, Raptors



Geum River Estuary

Baikal Teal, Geese, Ducks, Shorebirds







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